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Drain Surveys 

We know that purchasing a new property is exciting, but it can also be costly! Everyone carries out a building survey, but sometimes a drain survey can be overlooked. 

If you are purchasing a new property whether commercial or residential it is recommended that you carry out a drain survey. This will identify any structural issues such as collapsed or broken drains, pipe scale, displaced joints or root ingress that may be present and will ensure that your drains are running efficiently. 

We carry out our drain surveys using state of the art CCTV equipment ensuring there is no disruption to the property and surrounding area. 

What's included? 

  • Site diagram, showing where the drainage system runs 

  • Sizing and condition checks on the tank that it is adequate for the property and in good working order

  • Compliance check (see our blog on new regulations that came into effect January 2020) 

  • Damage report that highlights any issues that may cause problems, i.e. cracks or root ingress

  • Any recommendations and a guide on costs 

For advice or to book please call 07888 819 600 or email 

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