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Four signs that your septic tank needs emptying!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

If your property is not connected to the mains drainage system, then all your waste will feed into either septic tank or cesspit.

For a tank to function efficiently, it is crucial that you have your tanks emptied every 1-3 years (depending on the size) and to make sure that it is well maintained. There are a few warning signs that there is something wrong with your tank so make sure you take note and if you notice any of the following make sure to call Adams Drainage Solutions to help!

Slow draining…

If your sinks, showers, baths or toilets are draining away slowly, that is a good indication that something is wrong and there is a blockage either in your pipework or tank system.

Blockages can be caused from flushing inorganic material down the toilet or sink (eg, baby wipes or cotton buds), fat residue that has built up or tree roots that have grown into the pipelines.

Pools of water

In order for the water to drain out of the septic tank, a filtration system known as a soakaway is installed. This filters the water out through pipes. If the area around your tank has started to hold pools of water or you notice that there are patches of lush grass growing it suggests that you have a leak. If left this can cause major issues, so it is best to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Bad smells!

As soon as bad odours appear it is a clear sign that your pipes are blocked or your tank needs emptying. You need to be careful too as toxic gasses can build up and be a health hazard, so it is best to get someone in as soon as possible to take a look. At Adams Drainage Solutions we use state of the art gas monitors to make sure we are safe. If your tank is functioning properly there should there should not be any nasty odours!

Odd noises

Sometimes the gurgling noises coming from your sink or pipework can be something more sinister and it is best to get these checked out. It could be a blockage which might lead to bigger problems later down the line or imply that your tank is full and needs emptying.

Call Adams Drainage Solutions to help with any of these issues.

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